Wednesday, April 16, 2008

End of term approaches...

... and I am SO ready for a break!

I have all sorts of things planned - going swimming, gym, reading, catching up with my friends who just had a baby, and visiting my Sister and family in Blenheim; YAY!

I only have 7 lessons left, two of which are tests, so that makes five... bring it on.

Molly and Kelly are great fun and easy to live with, despite being vegetarians in a omnivorous household. I'm gonna learn how to cook stuff with beans and tofu, and other kinds of new and interesting food type things. I don't think I could give up meat for good though, especially bacon. Mmmm, bacon. :)

We are going to Cafe Istanbul to celebrate the end of term. If you're out in town on Friday, look for me. I'll be the sober one :P


Big sis said...

Mmmmm bacon good!

Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks. We'll have so much fun! Lots of baby stuff to go through too.

Love Cafe Istanbul - so miss good eats. Blenheim sucks for places to have a casual meal. Hope you had a good night despite being the sober driver!

kiwilauren said...

Say hi to Carol and Murray and Megan for me! Or I suppose I could do it myself, since I suppose she might read this again.


Miss you Fishy and Sam!

Peter said...

Hey Fiona! I read your news a while ago. I am sorry to have to state that I haven't got around to getting back to you until now so here goes. Congratulations. I will be quite happy to let you name him after me.