Sunday, October 28, 2007


This shot I like to call "Ahmed and his harem". Yeah Right.

This is Kathryn, Femke, Ahmed, Sarah and moi just before the start.

My goals were:
  • Don't stop on the run, and follow through from the hip (Thanks Damon!)
  • Improve on (my best) 6min30 per km run time
  • Cycle with fast RPMs and do it in under an hour
  • Swim non stop and pass lots of people in the pool

Well, I did all that. Yay me.

I ran 6 minute kms (4 km in 24:07)

I did the 18 km cycle in 47:45

In training I had got down to swimming 300m in 5:40, but in the race I did it in a pathetic 7:07.
I meant to do tumble turns in the swim as I had been in training but there were just too many people hanging around at the ends to do it safely. I did pass about 20 people in the pool though. Note also my high elbow and streamlined head and body position in this shot; excellent form.
The official time is 1:18:59 which put me in 14th place (out of 20) in my age group, and 38th (out of 72) out of all the women.

All photos taken by my personal photographer on his new camera. Thanks Sammy!


R said...

Well done fish! Sounds as if you deserve a massage... R

fish said...

my thighs are quite sore actually... wink wink. No really, they ARE!

big sis said...

Yay for you fishy. I am so proud of your commitment to actually doing it. I have said 3 years in a row that I was going to do the woman's tri but pregnancy and new baby and other less important and very pathetic excuses always stop me. Well done. Have a great party on Sat. I'll call to say goodbye to Lauren sometime. What day does she actually leave?

fish said...

Thanks Carol :)

She leaves on Monday afternoon.

d3vo said...

Hey fishy, sorry I couldn't join you, am in Seattle.

fish said...

Sweet as. Wasn't sure if you were back yet. Next year!!

2treesandahorse said...

Wow thats great. That ride was in awesome time. well done.