Monday, October 08, 2007

Here we go!

Canyon Swing #1

I went first, mainly as I thought I would chicken out if I had to watch others go ahead of me. In the end it still took me a while to get off the edge, but I got there in the end! I think going over backwards was way easier, as I couldn't see the drop. Although at one stage I take a quick peek over my shoulder. Please excuse the swearing :)

Canyon Swing #2

This time I went forwards, which was really scary as I kept looking down and psyching myself out. The two guys kept freaking me out too - pushing me and then pulling me back in. One of them poked the back of my knee to try and make me tumble too, which nearly earned him a slap. In the end I asked the guy holding me to just push me and I would go with it... he reckons he didn't push me, but I think he did. But hey, at least I got value for money with the dvd footage - 4 minutes worth!


swifty said...

Looks wicked Fish1 N e way hope you have a good night.


Mark and Pattie said...

Mark and I loved watching your did it! (I think you must be a diver. I could tell from your beautiful form in the air, amidst the screaming)

fish said...

Not so much a diver, but I am a swimmer.

On the first one i had to keep telling myself there was water behind me and that made it easier to jump!