Sunday, February 04, 2007

It is done

I have officially entered the Sun Latte Women's triathlon which is on 25 March.

Now I have to train for it as I stopped training just before we moved house, like, late November!

Here's the plan:
  • Every morning - up at 6 for a walk/run/stagger up and down the hill and back up again. As we are kinda halfway up the hill, go up first as it is less steep than the 'uphill' from the bottom, and I need to save that bit till I'm warmed up.
  • Week days - take swim gear to work and go home via the pool. Less hassle than trying to go in the morning and then get back home for brekkie: we live further from the pool than we used to. Do at least 1km, work up to 2km by 25 March.
  • Mondays - indoor netball.
  • Weekends - ride my bike up and down the hill and back up again. (Note: just tried that and found the second 'up' needed to be on foot. This will change!)

By the start of March I will be needing to ride on the flat for longer than the 2km of Major Drive - maybe up and down Oxford/Cambridge Terraces with the odd bridge crossing thrown in. I will also need to start taking the bike to the pool to get used to transitions, or coming home from biking and going straight out for a run.

Wish me luck!


2treesandahorse said...

Luck babe! you go girl!

Homeperm said...


Not Kate said...

That's awsome, Fishy! I'll come and be in your support team :)

How long is each bit? I was proud enough of doing the Special K one - and all I did was the 10k cycle leg. You're doing the whole shi-bang yourself!

You should get your colleague Cass along for your after school swims. She's a bit of a fish too.

fish said...

Cass and I started planning our swim sessions today, actually.

Don't want to think about the distances. They are on the link to the event. Don't tell me what they are!!