Saturday, February 17, 2007

Back, Black, Black Caps

I'm back from sunny Auckland - with 32 Waipuna pens to prove it. I had a competition with a teacher from HIBS - I lost - she got 38. I learned lots of new ways to teach the same old things kids have trouble with: algebra, fractions, decimals, percentages and ratio; and I am looking forward to trying it all out with my guinea pigs back at school.

And an old guy from the Ministry of Education made a pass at me. Flattering, but also weird.

We went to a funeral today for Sam's boss's wife. Gone just a day after delivering her first daughter. Stink. I keep thinking what it would be like if it was me (or Sam) and just don't even want to go there. I cannot imagine how awful it is for the boss guy right now.

Black Caps
About time we gave someone a thrashing. Yeah.


Homeperm said...

i also steal little containers of milk and teabags whenever i stay at waipuna. except last time i accidentally left two chocolate bars in the fridge. the reverse of using the minibar. i was so upset when i realised out.

Ado said...

Black Caps ... even better - Australia are demoted to second on the ODI table :) Makes for an interesting start to the world cup.

The thing about funerals for me is that it just reminds me to take each day as it comes and live life to the fullest. Let destiny/fate take care of itself.