Tuesday, January 23, 2007

VTNZ are picky buggers

Like not-kate, my car also failed its WoF. Unlike not-kate, mine will cost a lot more than $10 to fix.

I took it to VTNZ. Don't do that! They get paid per fault found, I reckon. They are uber-picky!!! They said my car needed:
  • Rust repair under engine mount (approx $100 to fix)
  • Rust repair under driveshaft neat the seats (approx $400 to fix)
  • New tyre (about $80)

I said "bugger that" and took it to the lovely boys at Moonshine Autos, near UHC.
They said my car needed:
  • New wipers ($10-ish)
  • A new headlight bulb ($15-ish)
  • New brakes (approx $120)

They also said, "Your tyre is borderline, but passes ok. And where's the rust supposed to be? I didn't find any."

Suck on that, VTNZ!

Funny how the different places pick up different stuff. I guess the headlight bulb blew in the week between WoFs, but the other stuff? What the hey - as long as I only have to spend about $150 rather than about $600 to get it roadworthy. Then I can sell the bastard :) It was totally worth the second opinion (and extra $40) to save $450. Especially as I am now a HOMEOWNER and don't have a lot of spare moolah.

Psst! Anyone wanna buy a Barina? One careful lady owner (and probably a few not-so-careful owners before that). :)


Not Kate said...

That sucks! I might go to a mechanic next time. Sounds betterer.

Mine only costed $2.48 to fix! That's all the twin-set of bulbs cost (and I have a spare one for when the other one goes!). And got to use Sam's tool for free.

May have to buy some glue for the seatbelt thingie.... it could get to $10. Wonder if my Bob the Builder flatmate has good glue in his toolbox....

fish said...

We got superglue - remember Sam's hobby? Txt me and come on over!