Wednesday, January 17, 2007

damn them all to hell

So I've switched to the new blogger. Maybe I had already but not realised it - I dunno. All I know is I couldn't log in anymore, so I tried logging in the new one and voila! Here I am.

We now have broadband at home. Yay! And two months free to get me addicted to all sorts of stuff so when I have to pay for it I will, cos I'll be addicted.

Textbook Rant
I went to school on Monday and spent FIVE solid hours stocktaking all the textbooks so I can figure out which naughty students haven't returned their books. I am the self-appointed textbook Nazi this year due to my amazing ability to be super organised. It really bugs me that some other teachers that issue the books don't take any responsibility for them. Some didn't even bother to record which student got which book. This of course wouldn't be a problem if all the kids brought them back, but kids are kids and are going to lose them/leave them at a mates place/leave them in a locker somewhere/change schools and all that kind of stuff. We have something like 100 textbooks missing over the five year levels. And that comes out of OUR maths budget. Hopefully the maths staff might get the connection this year when I make them personally ring all their last years' students to get the books back. Hehehe.

Food Poisoning Stinks (Literally. Euuuwww!)
I still have remnants of Campylobacter in me. Unfortunately my 2kg weight loss was merely water and I am now back to my regular size and weight. Also unfortunately, I still have trouble keeping food in my system any longer than about 2 hours. And therefore small meals are good. drinking water is good. Eating lots of meat or fibre is bad. Incidentally I found these cool stuffed toys thanks D3VO! that are representative of the micro-organisms that cause diseases and other illnesses. Pity they didn't have a Campy. I would have liked one so I could turn it into a voodoo doll.

I bought an electric toothbrush. It's awesome. I can nearly manage to do all the surfaces before the 2 minute timer runs out - two minutes is actually quite a long time! I am going to get very good at estimating 2 minute intervals I guess. I went to the dentist yesterday and he said that my teeth looked very good and he was pleased that I had an electric toothbrush and soon I would notice how much better it was than a regular brush. I'm way ahead of him - I noticed by the second day that my teeth felt cleaner than usual and I had much nicer morning breath. That's gotta be good.

Why do I want to use labels? I've managed so far without them. Comments anyone?


Mrs Reading said...

What sorta labels Fishter!

fish said...

Oh, labels are sort of extra headings you can attach to a blog entry.

I assume they are useful when you want to go back and find an old entry, say by searching "megan" you would find all the entries about my niece, for example. If I had bothered to label each one with "megan" at the time, that is.

I really don't know how useful they are for anything else though.

Not Kate said...

I gave in and got new blogger too - yesterday, I think. I musta got in just in time! I'm not too sure about the labels either. I'll give them a go, but I'll probably get bored of it.

Don't you guys do a mega-book-return at the end of the year? I think that's when we sort out all of that stuff. Though it's an awful system. English is awful for that. We issue a LOT of books. Up to three per student.

fish said...

yeah we do that but still we get lots not coming back

d3vo said...

Blogs are inherently time based with the newest posts showing first.

From an Information Architecture perspective labels allow you to introduce cross-cutting non-time based arbitrary groups of posts. Mathematically they are a kind of graph.

What this means is that they are an optional way for you to group things together that are not grouped together by time. I like stitching up all my sport posts.

Homeperm said...

use labels. i find them endlessly entertaining. and i don't always relate them to the actual content of my blog.

also, when i was in primary school i was given the job of book returns twice a week at lunch time. at the time i thought it was cos i was the coolest kid in school. then i worried it was a way for the teachers to give me something to do since it was obvious i had no mates. now i'm just confused. it has nothing to do with organisation skills cos i haven't ever had any.