Monday, January 22, 2007

Here it is folks, the event you have been
waiting your whole life for… (or not)

Fish and Sam’s HOUSEWARMING!!

A not to be repeated event.
Mainly because moving house is a bitch
and we don’t want to do it again for at least ten years!

Saturday 27 January, from about 7ish
We will put on some snacks.
BYO drinks

Short notice, I know, and the races are on at Trentham that day, for those who are into that sort of thing, but we’re sure you can find time to pop in and christen the place. No, not like that. Shame on you, dirty people.

If you’ve read this, consider yourself invited!
Except that guy in the spare room at his Mum’s house reading this in his underpants. He’s not invited. You know who you are.

email if you need the address.


Homeperm said...

but i've been like *dying* to meet that guy and you went ahead and univited him. sigh:)

morgue said...

Me and Cal and the Alligator will be at my dear sister's wedding that eve. Have fun tho!

Janet said...

And I'm going to be in Paraparaumu spending time with the niblings that evening. My sister is visiting from Australia and it's my nephew's first birthday. Have a fun house warming though.

fish said...

Yay someone else said Niblings!!! It's catching on :)