Friday, December 22, 2006

Reads like a Mastercard ad...

Bought a microwave cabinet today and managed to assemble it with Mum's help/interference :) Cost about $200.

Paid NZ Post to redirect our mail. Cost $30.

Registered Sam's car. Never mind that the form has been lying around for three weeks - he texted me and asked me to do it TODAY cos it expires tomorrow. Gotta love the procrastination, although I guess the later you do it the longer you get out of the 12 months you pay for. Or does it not run from the date you pay? Meh. Cost $180ish.

Nearly ready to move the big stuff tomorrow. Truck: $35 plus 35c/km. Hoping to do it in one go rather than two.

Xmas Dinner at K and R's tonight. Cost: Dessert and drinks.

Xmas Dinner on the 25th at my place. Priceless. Thanks Mum!

Christmas and moving are both expensive, although I'm happy only ONE of those comes once a year!

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