Monday, December 18, 2006

It's the waiting that gets you

I have a house full of boxes, more boxes in the car, and loads of nervous energy. I'm waiting for a phone call from the agent to say that the lawyers have confirmed all is well and I can have the keys. Until then I just have to sit tight and wait. Bored bored bored... I want to get moving!!!

I never realised we had so much stuff! We have now packed 13 boxes full of books and six boxes of CDs. This time when we unpack we will merge my CDs with Sam's. Dunno why it's taken us over four years of living together to do that. The final step on the committment ladder, perhaps?

This week I am also teaching swimming - private lessons at Huia, from 3 - 5.30pm. Bad timing, but it will help pay for a few presents this Christmas.

Ring, phone, ring dammit!

1 comment:

Mrs Reading! said...

IT surely is the waiting! We didn't get our key till 4pm :O( Still though! A new house before Christmas, now that is some Chrissy pressy! love you xx