Thursday, December 14, 2006


I have added another fabulous person to my Posse in the sidebar, who I thought I actually added MONTHS ago. Ah well, better late then never. Hi Andrew!

Today we signed all the important banking stuff at Westpac and the important lawyer stuff at the Lawyer's place. YAY!

School is about to end tomorrow. I have the UHC van and will be doing the 'school run' for the five or six people nearby who want to get boozed after prizegiving. The aftermatch is at the Speight's Alehouse in Petone. Sweet.

Sam's work is winding down for Christmas so they have hardly any boxes for us. I WANNA PACK, MAN!! (not to be confused with I want a Pac-Man) :) Anyone got a source that can hook me up?

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Big sis said...

Hey Bub - go to Briscoes, McDonalds (they might not let you because of food issues - supermarkets are the same) and the stores department at the hospital, or resthomes. They have heaps of strong empty boxes. Wish I could be there to help.