Thursday, August 24, 2006

Good and Bad news

In the vein of "if you blog it, it will happen", I managed to earn 'player of the day' on Saturday. Yay me! And my 10B girls won the final to win Collegiate 5. The team all came to our place for pizza, and we watched the game on video. Despite knowing the result, it was very entertaining to watch. I actually said at one point: "ooh, I hope we win!". Hilarious. :)

On a sadder note, my Dad went into hospital yesterday with breathing difficulties. His lungs are poked from many years of smoking, even though he stopped way back in the 80s. He spent the night in Hutt Hospital, and Mum is going in to see him today. It sucks seeing my Dad like this. He has always been fit and strong and busy, and now he can't even hold a conversation as it tires him out. He looks all small and frail in the hospital bed.

In triathlon training news, I ran about 3k on Tuesday, and swam a quick 30 laps on Wednesday. I needed to clear my head after sitting in the Emergency Dept with Dad all day, so the swim was just what I needed. Got my bike fixed (for $200, and new bikes start at $250!!) so I'm all set for a ride to netball practice tonight. Need to buy lights first...


Sez said...

Hi Fishy,

Sad about Dad, hope you are all doing okay, let me know if there is anything at all I can do??? Big hugs to Dad
Hoping to catch up at some stage soon,
Much love and hugs

Sez xx

fish said...

Sat arvo - early evening good? I got a lunch to go to but can come out 3-4ish and see all the flash stuff in the house!

Not Kate said...

Yay you, little miss player of the day.

It's an unsettling thing seeing your parents weak and vulnerable. Just not right.