Monday, August 14, 2006

Crafts and Netball

I went to the Dunkley's Great NZ Craft Show (tm) on the weekend, and spent up large! Sam and I bought pressies for three of the five Niblings, and two of our three Sisters. Love to get started early on the old Christmas pressies. We also got some yummy roast garlic, smoky garlic sauce, biltong (dried meat), fudge, and Sam bought me a copper fish to hang somewhere. I just coated some chicken in the garlic stuff and MAN was it strong! Use sparingly... You have been warned.

My School netball team has their final game on Saturday. We are second on the table, and are playing the team at top of the table. We are so gonna win! Last time we played them we only lost by eight, so a win is very doable. Feel free to observe - 10am at Sacred Heart College.

My outdoor team is playing 7th vs 8th on Saturday. 3.30 at Taita Courts, in case you're interested. My aim for this game is to earn 'player of the day' again. I have got it three times this season so far. We also want to win of course, and probably will. Our opposition is the only team we managed to beat all season. At least I have learned some new things this season. I've never been too concerned about winning - I'm more of a do-er than a winner.

We had an indoor netball tournament on the weekend. Six 30 minutes games with a 30 min break in the middle. Whew! I wasn't as sore as I thought I would be on Sunday though - maybe I'm fitter than I look. My only niggle was tired shoulders on Sunday afternoon. Fine now.


Not Kate said...

I had never noticed that link to your wedding photos before! They're lovely.

fish said...

I just put it on recently for some friends that have just returned from overseas. Thanks :)