Thursday, October 09, 2008

Finding out today

I'm about to head into town for the 9am feed. There is a meeting today at 10-11ish between all the doctors and some of the nurses to decide what happens with certain babies today; Charlotte being one of them.

Basically, when she is up to full feeds (bottle or breast - whatever) she and I move to Hutt Hospital for a day or two, then home. YAY!!!

Unfortunately, time scale for that ranges from "five more days" (overheard from a doctor) to "by the end of the week" (from the boss nurse of Neonates - to me personally).

We shall see.


Not Kate said...

Good luck. It's horrible playing a waiting-game :(

Happy supposed-to-be-borned day to Charlotte today!

cassie and ant's wedding january '08 said...

Hope you get the news you're waiting for! Be fitting to leave on her due date :) By the way what a total cutie!