Sunday, October 19, 2008

Charlotte Update

Yes, my life DOES revolve around her at the moment. I promise to blog about the rest of my life sans baby at some stage, when I figure out what those bits are!

Random shots from the last week or so:
Charlotte's first walk around the Neonates ward. Cordless!
Shortly afterwards she had her first bath.
First photo taken when we came home, under her snazzy bassinet quilt, lovingly made my Sam's Mum (*). Stuffed creatures courtesy of Sam's sister. Her friend makes them. Weird but cool. :)
(*) Charlotte will call her 'Dinny'. Apparently Thomas, the eldest grandkid, couldn't say 'C's or 'G's when he was small. I think it's a corruption of Granny. We call Coke 'doke' for the same reason. Interesting that he could say the K but not the C...


kiwilauren said...

She really is perfect! And trust me, I think I speak for the general blog-reading public when I say that we don't mind the emphasis on Charlotte in these blogs.... I love the updates!!! And besides, she IS your life right now, as you said, and we love to hear about her and see pictures.

Love to you, Sam, and little Charlotte!

Not Kate said...

Yeah - I agree with Lauren :)

And I love those crazy looking toys in her crib - I like the Tim Burton looking mis-shapen teddies with missing eyes that are in vogue at the moment.

2treesandahorse said...

I agree. No excuses necessary. She looks amazing. You look like you lost some weight as well and not just from the birth. Those teddies rock btw as does that quilt.

Jon said...

And how are you doing? I hope you're holding up okay!

Sez said...

Yayayayayay for babies! Gorgeous piccies :O) I have some paintings for you when I am better :O) Mwaaaah