Monday, July 14, 2008

warning! semi naked fish!! :edited

This is what an overweight chick looks like at 6 months pregnant. Not the perfect rugby ball out the front like you get with skinny chicks, but pretty amazing all the same.

Just got back from my first Birth Ed class. The other people seem pretty nice and normal. For now anyway. Bet that's what they are saying about me - little do they know...


Had another scan today. The midwife was worried that the baby was breech and a footling at that (that means is basically standing up, when it should be curled up and upside down about now).

The scan today showed that the baby is now a little more curled up and is now transverse (lying sideways). I guess that's better than breech! Plenty of time for it to turn anyway. Panic over.

Had a very high blood pressure when I went to the midwife, and high sugar levels. So I had to have a blood test to rule out toxaemia/pre-eclampsia , and I have to have another test to make sure I don't have gestational diabetes. Oh joy. I have really cruised through so far, so it's about time I had a few blips. Updates to come.


Big sis said...

Wow what a cool bump. Most impressive, are you sure there's not two in there?
Enjoy the classes - as you know I have made the best friends ever from our group. You will be invaluable support for each other when baby arrives.

fish said...

It turns out the baby has a Jesus complex and is standing upright inside me. That's why the bump is so high up and not so far out the front as you would expect at the bottom.

One bonus of this is that I get to have another scan to see what the hell it's doing like that and if it's moveable.

Downside is, I have to have a Caesar if it's not moveable. :(

Not Kate said...

I have no idea what any of those conditions are, but it sounds like things you don't want! Hope all is ok. Sounds like the scan went well though - good baby.

You have had a rather cruisy time, playing sport 2/3 of the way through :)

I got you a wee thing from the exhibition at the art gallery in town, by your namesake. Will give to you at quiz next week if I remember.

sez said...

Mwaaqh look at you gorgeous :O) Hope you are doing okay now, and that you don't have any nasty things, i think Helen had Pre eclampsia :(
Lets catch up soon okay xx

kiwilauren said...

I love the bump! Silly baby, standing up... maybe it will just decide to walk itself out and save you the pain of labour... that wouldn't be so bad! Anyway, I hope the little blips get smoothed out and the rest of the pregnancy is cruisy. Miss you and love you!