Sunday, March 18, 2007


In about half an hour I will find out what netball team I am in this season. There is a mixture of anticipation and nervousness inside me as I wait for the meeting. Last year I was in Team 4 (out of 5) and for the two years before I was in Team 5. I am hoping to be in team 3, but team 4 will do I suppose; although I would rather be a not-so-good player in a strong team than be a strong player in a not-so-good team. I just hope the selector has seen it that way!


Moto (our Japanese boarder) leaves next weekend. He is going to make us sushi for tea on Wednesday, which I am really looking forward to as my attempts at sushi making have not always been so successful in the past. Unfortunately this means I miss Cass's birthday celebrations which are on the same night. Poos.

Try a tri

The triathlon is also on next weekend. I feel very underprepared and unfit, but my goal is to finish, not win; even if I have to walk the run bit! At this stage I am mostly wondering how I go about the transitions. Do I wear just my togs or a wetsuit? What about a rash vest? Do I dry my feet after the swim, or do I cycle in wet socks? Shorts or leggings? What if it's raining? It's all a bit overwhelming, really.

Any advice from other tri-ers would be great... but don't even THINK about suggesting I do it pro-style and cycle/run in a bikini thingy - Greenpeace may just turn up and try to put me back in the sea.


Not Kate said...

Though we did the cheating triathlon and all did a leg each, we saw the pros and how they did transitions.

They laid out all their gear really carefully beforehand. So next to your bike you have your shoes (laces loosened, ready to slip on) and your towel (to dry feet and stuff, I guess) and your shorts and top. Probably only need to wear a rash-shirt unless it's real cold.

Or you could practice losing the wetsuit really quickly.

Definitely looked like something you could practice a bit, getting your outfit change down to a fine art. Always makes you less nervous if you have done a few run-throughs too.

fish said...

Thanks for the advice, Kate.

I got into Team 3 by the way. Yay!

Sez said...

I'm with Not Kate on the change over thing... Wear your togs - you could wear a sport bra under them if you like, and then have cycle/running shorts ready to go by your bike :O) Sam could look after that?? Or if you need a support crew... Where is it??

fish said...

Hmmm... I posted a reply to Sarah yesterday, but it's not here.

Scorching Bay on Sunday. Starts 9am I think. Come watch!!!