Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It is finished

Wee Man is no more.

His back legs had been starting to lose function slowly since the start of the year, and by this week his back half was almost completely paralysed. He was rather a sad figure, dragging himself up and down the stairs of his cage with only his front legs. He was also losing heaps of weight despite eating normally and I think his kidneys had packed up because he was drinking all the time. So; it was the right decision to have him put down.

We took him to the vet after work yesterday, and after a final cuddle, the vet took him away. He gassed him to put him to sleep, then injected something to stop his heart. We got him back home, Sam dug a hole by the lemon tree, and we buried him there.

I cried.

Bye wee man!


Homeperm said...

that is very sad news, and i'm sorry to hear about it. the only consolation i can give is that it sounds like the right decision.

Sez said...

Bye wee man :O(

He had a great life, and a long one! Bless.

Big hugs xx

Bananna said...

hugs to fishy. poor wee man gone bye bye.