Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where did that year go?

Charlotte is now one. It's been a challenging year, but also incredibly rewarding. We have been showered with love, baby clothes, help, advice, toys... and have recieved it all very gratefully (ok maybe not *all* the advice!).

She continues to improve with her eating and is now able to eat weetbix and porridge without it going through a sieve first. She can eat malt biscuits if she takes very small bites and chews well with her six teeth. She can eat the same food as us if you put it in the blender first, or do things like bite the end off the chip or piece of roast kumara and squeeze out all the yummy squishy stuff! She also likes cupcake icing.

She can swim under water, but needs someone to pull her up above the water at the end of her swim. She stands unaided and is *so* close to walking. She has taken a few steps between the two of us, but usually needs catching at the end to avoid a forehead bruise! She says Mama, Dad, Nana, up, hello, and seems to speak a language I can't understand the rest of the time.

She has grown about 20cm since being born and has put on about 5 kilos. Not much, but she is in proportion according to the Plunket Nurse. With parents like hers she was never going to be tall anyway :)

She still wears 3-6 month and 6-9 month clothes, and is the smallest baby in the antenatal group, but she definitely has the biggest place in my heart.


Anonymous said...

Fi, Charlotte is a gorgeous, precious little package! She may be small, but she's wonderful and I'm not surprised she holds your heart the way she does!

Hope that soon she will be onto a regular diet and then I'm sure she will thrive. :)

Auntie Simone.

Anonymous said...

Fiona, Are you back at school yet? I am not sure whether to email you at UHC or not? Peter Walters

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