Monday, April 20, 2009

Spot the difference

One is a normal foot, one is mine.

Guess which is which!

Turns out that one of the times I sprained my left ankle, I actually broke my foot. I have to go see a specialist and possibly have surgery/bits of metal/moonboot/crutches etc. So now I am awaiting paperwork from ACC so I can figure out which time I did it, and if I can claim ACC and go private. Otherwise I have to go public and wait who knows how long.

Here are the three contenders:

1) 1991 - Confidence course, Linton Army Camp. Jumped off a 3m high bit of the confidence course and rolled the ankle as I landed. Went to the Medics, where they iced it, strapped it and said it was sprained.

2) 1996-ish - Vic Uni carpark. Tripped and rolled my ankle on my way to the car. Definitely heard an audible snap here. Had to be carried up all those stairs to Student Health (embarrasing!), where they iced it, strapped it and said it was sprained.

3) 2001 - UHC field. On lunch duty, walking across the field. Fell over my own feet, I think. Also wearing stupid sandals so that my heel slipped off to the side and twisted my ankle. Definitely claimed ACC for this one, as I remember being told off for not putting this in the workplace accident register. Oops! Iced and strapped it myself (pretty good at strapping ankles by now!), and the physio I went to said it was sprained.

My money is on number 1.


kiwilauren said...

Holy smokes woman! 18 years ago?! That's crazy! Anyway I hope it's fixable and that it doesn't knock you back too far with other things (work, Charlotte, life in general...). All the best dear!

Anonymous said...

i reckon if i xray my left foot i'll find similar evidence of past breakages. a couple of toes at a summer school in sydney plus a damaged metatarsal from dropped secateurs.

Sez said...

Hmmm, Yeah I'd pick 1 as well, and then the other 2 times it was just as bad because it was already damaged! Poor you, hope it is not too llong a process, let me know if I can help with anything mwaah