Friday, November 21, 2008

For the three people I know without facebook!

Here's some more Charlotte-y goodness to keep you happy :)

Tummy time.
Not great with the holding the head up business, but getting better every day.

Look at Moi. I is a supermodel!

Raspberries to you too!

She's actually breastfeeding here, but Sam was being discreet with the camera.

Yum eskimos! (Thanks to Chrissy for the Photoshopping)


stretch said...

She's purty :) xxoo

Big sis said...

Thanks sis - The eskimo one is so funny! Did you notice that Murray invited you to be a friend on facebook so I CAN see your pics there? I will not be joining facebook so keep this site current for me...pwetty pweeze!

sez said...

Soo cute! Luve the eskiomes shot!