Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas time, Barbeques and wine

I've always hated that lame Christmas song. Especially when Cliff Richard sings it.

Today I have been preparing for the thirty, yes - 30, people who are coming here on Tuesday. Good thing it's a pot luck barbie thingy.

I weed-eated (weed-ate?) the wasteland that we call the Deck to Nowhere. Seriously, it just sits there, separated from both the house and the courtyard. Strange. I plan to have blankets down for people to sit on once Sam mows it. The plan was to pave it in November but circumstances intervened. And the quotes were well over our budget.

Pressies are wrapped and under the tree.

Below is a close-up of two decorations that I'm sure will be talking points when the family all arrive on Christmas Day. One is a picture of not-kate and I; it was in my goodie bag at her 30th birthday. The other is a Champagne cork. The bottle was a wedding pressie from my cousin - we opened it and drank it in the lounge when we bought the house in Kelson. I tied curling ribbon on it and hung it on the tree: It ended up back in the decoration box so I put it back on again this year.

Warning! Rat photo below!

I just wanted to put this photo up cos the rats look so cute all snuggled up together. They were sleeping, but woke up when I opened the door to take the photo. Poppy is such a poser!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

1 comment:

Not Kate said...

Nice one - that's two Christmas trees (at least) that I am adorning in the Wellington area. I have a Kate-Angel under the Ange-flat's tree (along with her Ange-Shephard, stink casting for her in the nativity scene of two years past...).

Catch up with you after Christmas! Good luck with the 30 peoples.

If you fellas have no other plans, the Ange-flat might be having a low-key BBQ for New Year's.