Monday, July 30, 2007

snap out of it fishy!

I'm feeling low today. Not sure why, but I've been on the verge of tears all day. I have heaps to cheer me up, so I thought I would post a list and see if that helps...

I have lost 5kg and kept it off for a month.
My husband is back in town after a weekend away.
I have a neat bunch of Year 9,10,13 students (even though my Year 11s are awful).
My HoD likes and respects me.
I am going on a maths course in 2 weeks.
I have two free periods tomorrow.

That should do for now I think.


Sez said...

i bet I know why :O)
You forgot that I love you, and if that don't do it I don't know what to do... Except sedn you a HUGE HUG xx

cassie said...

You also have lots of friends that think you are the bees knees! You looked fab on Saturday night too - your lovely husband proudly passed around the pxt of your outift - great sewing talents. Hope tomorrow is a better day :)

Not Kate said...

We all have those days.

Haha, love that going on a maths course is something you think about to CHEER yourself up! That wouldn't be a cheerful thought for the general populace :)

And our netball team is in Grade 5 this season instead of Grade 3! Hooray for that! We might win a game or two again!!!

fish said...

Choice Kate!

Thanks Sez and Cassie :)

homeperm said...

i know those days! i hope you do snap out if it, but if you don't straight away that's okay too. xx