Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Four short paragraphs

We got a postcard from Lauren today. Yay! Roll on July 13 :)

I have somehow managed to lose 2kg. I blame excessive netballing and other exercise.

I dug up some grass in the backyard so that we can pave it for Summer and get more use out of the 'deck to nowhere'. My shoulder hurts.

Roll on, end of term! I am SOOOOO ready for a break. If you call spending a week in Masterton with 65 junior choristers a break.


Sez said...

Yay for July 13th

Yay For Excessive Exercise, you still riding??? (your bike!)

Yay for bigger decking (boo about the shoulder)

Yay for end of term wish I had more holidays

kiwilauren said...

Hey Fiona! This is the first time I was able to get on the Internet since I've been at IMC! I LOVE IT HERE! I can't be away from this place for too long. The people are great, the staff is super fun, the girls in my dorm are entertaining, and the weather has been really nice. :o) Glad to hear you got my postcard! I can't wait to meet you and Sam in person.... it is coming up SO soon!

For the record, this computer sucks. Therefore, I won't chance trying to comment on Sam's blog too, because it will probably freeze or give me some stupid error message. So say hi to him for me! :o)