Sunday, November 26, 2006

Wedding in Napier, Thanksgiving in Welly

A jaunty angle

This is me just before leaving our motel unit in Napier for Matt and Tania’s wedding. The invite said “Black tie – hats encouraged” And I’m glad they were or I would have ended up with a severe case of sunstroke. I had trouble figuring out what the big yellow thing was up in the sky, as I hadn’t seen it for soooooo long. Now considering moving to Napier. Yeah that’s right, trade one fault line for another. Way to go earthquake-phobic girl :)

Here’s some more piccies. Didn’t we look dashing! We are at the Church Rd winery in case you were wondering. Or not.


After feeling really uncomfortable for the first couple of minutes after our not-so-fashionably-late-more-like-unavoidably-late arrival at Cal’s place, things looked a lot more rosy after I got some good food into me. Thanks Morgue and little K and Cal for sorting me out and giving me hugs, oh and thanks Aaron for Organising Everyone. And I got to meet my long lost twin properly in the flesh and actually talked to her In Real Life (tm). We shared self portrait tips and agreed on the perfect angle for taking them. What fun.

I arrived after the bit where everyone had to say what they were thankful for.

I’m thankful I missed it.


I cried reading Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince on the way up to Napier.

That is all.


Homeperm said...

i've said it IN REAL LIFe, but now i have to say it on the internet.... that photo is fabulous. good work.

Anonymous said...

OMG - you can read as you travel? I am soooo envious.

Mrs Reading! said...

What a fabulous hat Fishy :O) Very sexy I must say